the exercise lab work out gym correct focus legs back arms abs success How to Exercise Correctly

work out success arms legs absYou can exercise all day and get no results. Or use the exercise lab to do 20 minute work outs and get results.

So many people head off to the gym and fail. At home streaming or DVDs have failed millions. Now with the exercise lab we focus on work outs that are easy to understand and do on a daily basis.

exercise lab focus on success work outs gym weight lossUp, Down, Left, Right - all movements puts your body in motion to success.

Find your lab plan here to exercise to your goals. YES, your goals. We want you to reach them!

Lab plan - Legs work out puts you in pattern motions allowing your lower half to reach maximum toning. You may build a slight increase in muscle however our work out plan is not intended for gaining muscle mass. Muscles add weight which can be deterring for many trying to lose weight over all.

Lab plan Arms - Focusing on the whole arm is our key. Too many focus on one section of the arm and lack to define the whole arm. Higher reps per cycle is found in our work out for arms.

Lab plan - Abs we target the whole ab region. Lower abs to side ab muscle must be worked to get that slim tone look. Motions of side to side and up and down start off many of our work outs in this lab section.

Lab plan - Back

Lab plan - Stretching

Lab plan - Yoga

Lab plan - Weight Loss

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